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Cannabis Gummies

Our artisanal Gummies blend sweetness with a unique sour bite, infused with THC, CBD, and 1:1. Hand-crafted in small batches for great taste and texture, with microemulsified cannabinoids for rapid effect!

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Cannabis Juices

Our fresh beverages spotlight incredible ingredients, including Valencia oranges and Concord grapes, minimally processed for superior taste.  50mg of THC per bottle, microemulsified for rapid effect!

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Cannabis Elixirs

Our Elixirs are made using an exceptional quality cannabis extract and non-GMO grapeseed oil. The extract is microemulsified, resulting in a fast acting tincture free of sugar, carbs and artificial ingredients.

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Cannabis Flower

Our origin is in the garden. With decades of experience in cultivation, our HT family has such a love and respect for the plant, that it shines through in all of our products.

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